Patriot Act

Citizen Response to the Patriot Act

“There is nothing patriotic about the so-called Patriot Act!”

Declaration of Reconstitution

Nine years before Eric Snowden blew the whistle on NSA surveillance.

By 2004, many of us already knew the NSA was doing a major ramping up of surveillance operations in violation of the peoples’ right to privacy. In response to the Patriot Act which stomped on the rights of the people without ballot referendum input while greatly expanding the powers of government to include conducting sneak and peak surveillance on the people without our consent or knowledge, expanded use of National Security Letters, suspension of habeas corpus, and many other grievances, this Declaration of Reconstitution was written on the 228th anniversary of our founding fathers declaring independence from England in 1776.

Declaration of Reconstitution

First Draft, issued July 4, 2004

     We loyal citizens of the United States of America, on this  anniversary of our independence, July 4, 2004, standing strong and proud of our history, hereby declare an intent to reconstitute our federal  government by means of a national grassroots effort of communication to  our elected officials. We seek an evolution of improvements by removing corruption and inequities which plaque our current system.

     We hereby recognize the needs for reconstitution, as foreseen by our  founding fathers. We claim this right of declaration as citizens of a  free and sovereign nation. This declaration, in and of itself, shall  stand the scrutiny of our rights as protected by the first amendment to  the Constitution. We declare that anyone in a position of power who  takes any action to silence this declaration shall be challenged by the people.

     We citizens demand the permanent retention of all rights we currently have, and the return of rights that have been removed under the Patriot Act.

     We citizens insist the government reverse damages to the environment  caused by the Bush Administration wherever possible, and we specifically demand reversal of the dirty Clear Skies Act of 2003.

     We citizens demand accountability by our elected officials for their  actions, and hereby instruct them to do the will of the people they  serve regardless of the will of those entities who make contributions to them. We seek severe penalties for corrupt elected and appointed officials.

In order to effect this reconstitution;

     We propose that those who would govern us finally do what Thomas  Jefferson envisioned would be needed every 20 years. We need to take a look at our starting point which was the Declaration of Independence followed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Once grounded, we intend to begin a review of the many huge departments which were created in our government to determine which may be eliminated or  reduced. Then, we propose to begin a chronological review of legislation in effort to find those which removed citizens rights and caused excess federal expenditures with no constitutional basis.

     As citizens, we declare Independence Day of 2004 as the first day in  the beginning of this Reconstitution, and urge those who govern us to  perform this duty as demanded by the citizenry in a cost effective manner, and in a reasonable timeframe, with citizens allowed to cast votes on issues which require major decisions.

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