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www,grassroot.us was first published in 2002, after the 9/11/2001 attacks and the 10/7/2001 start of the war in Afghanistan and prior to the 3/19/2003 invasion of Iraq. It was the first web site to use the name Grassroots USA. Since then, other websites have come along and used the name. Just for the record, grassroot.us was the first publication to use the name Grassroots USA.


Why Didn’t You Listen to Me?

Leading up to the invasion of Iraq, I wrote editorials to urge citizens to contact the White House, senators, and congressman to state their opposition to the war which was on the horizon. I wrote that I disliked George W. Bush but trusted Colin Powell would not lie to the UN about such important matters that would drag us into war. Once war was imminent and decisions to invade were inevitable, I wrote in support of our troops and urged citizens to contact our government again to say No Protracted Stay, Bring Them Home By May. When John Kerry spoke, for the first time, against the upcoming invasion which was only a few days away, it was my opinion that he intentionally waited until war was inevitable to speak against the invasion, and that he would be announcing his bid for the Presidency, as one of the only voices against the war, within a few months. I regret it all happened and I was unable to do more to stop the war, and meanwhile I kept urging support for our troops and No Protracted Stay.

Months prior to news reports about closed door meetings with Dick Cheney and Halliburton and other contractors who would reap a fortune in rebuilding contracts, I got to thinking about motives. Our troops were already in a war in Afghanistan uprooting the Taliban and tracking down Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. To invade Iraq while our troops were otherwise engaged was extremely foolish. Our executive branch including the President, Vice-President, and Cabinet had to have been motivated by personal, selfish greed, but it would be obvious to the entire world if they commandeered the Iraq oil. I predicted that it would come to light that CEO’s of rebuilding contractor firms friendly to G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the Executive Branch would be selected and make personal fortunes. I reasoned these fat cats are motivated by greed and they were looking for a way to rob the US Treasury after their failed attempt to persuade Congress to allow them to gamble the Social Security funds in the stock market, which ultimately crashed hard in 2008 much to the chagrin of middle class folks who G.W. frequently advised to invest heavily into 401K’s. When the news broke about closed door meetings with Halliburton, I had predicted, but was a powerless voice against the invasion, the rebuilding contracts and the  greed motives in order to grab money from the US Treasury. Estimates of losses from the US Treasury amounted to several hundred BILLIONS of dollars and as much as two TRILLION. Why didn’t people listen to me and contact their government to insist on no Iraq war? Once the invasion was irreversible, why didn’t they insist on No Protracted Stay, Bring Them Home By May? Oh by the way, my strategy was, in order to bring the troops home from Iraq once Bush declared “Mission Accomplished”, the US, the UN, and the entire world would have had to send in humanitarian assistance only and issue an ultimatum to prevent any other nation or terrorist faction from going in and seizing power.

 Please do listen to me this time!
Here’s what you can do November 8, 2016:

Read my editorial “We Have No Choice” about the importance of voting in the 2016 Presidential Election even though the two top choices of presidential candidates makes me feel like vomit. We have to get together. We have to recruit some excellent candidates. We have to insist on election reforms. We have to insist on reforms to punish rather than reward political corruption. We have to start right now and we have to stay at it through the next presidential election cycle which begins again in 2019 with presidential elections in 2020, for a new, hopefully anti-corrupt, president in 2021.

And this time, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD that the editor at www.grassroot.us has written some important articles regarding our current and future election choices.

Edtorial : “Why Didn’t You Listen to Me?”
written on 10/15/2016 by the Editor at www.grassroot.us

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