Presidential Election 2016 - We Have No Choice!

In the presidential election of 2016, we are stuck with a choice between a 220 pound bag of lying BS who is terribly corrupt and is likely to be immediately impeached in 2017 and should probably be imprisoned, a 267 pound of hate-mongering BS who is out of control as he spouts off with crass, divisive comments who would represent our country as disgusting and vile (I really hope even the average American is better than that), a third party candidate whose candidacy was demolished in an Allepo moment and has no chance, and a lesser known candidate whose name is not on the ballot in all 50 states and also has no chance of being elected. I donít even want to vote under these circumstances, but it is my duty as a citizen.

We are stuck! We have no choice! I hate to say it but at this point I have no choice other than to vote for.... 


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Why Didnít You Listen to Me?

Leading up to the invasion of Iraq, ....
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